Crémants d'AlsaceSparkling Wines

BrutAOC CREMANT D’ALSACE (Méthode traditionnelle)

Cépage : 40 % Pinot Blanc, 40 % Pinot Auxerrois (cousin du Pinot Blanc), 10 % Pinot Noir, 10 % Riesling

Grape Variety : 40 % Pinot Blanc, 40 % Pinot Auxerrois (a cousin of Pinot Blanc), 10 % Pinot Gris, 10 % Riesling

A great success of the estate, launched in 1983. It is derived from the combination of four grape varieties. Pinot Blanc is a fine, full-bodied wine. Auxerrois is the characteristic fruity wine of this cuvee. Pinot Gris and Riesling respectively bring roundness with a fine, fresh bouquet.

It is a distinctively fine bubbly. Its bouquet of fresh fruit has a nice roundness, making this wine very easy to drink.

Food and wine pairing : Apéritif, desserts... 

Alcoholic content : 12,5 % 
Ageing : 3 years.
Serve : 8-10°c.