Altenberg de Wolxheim

Focus on Riesling

Our family has a real passion for this grape variety.

Out of the eight grape varieties grown, Riesling alone accounts for nearly a third of the area.

The soils of the region are particularly favourable. We have a real passion for this grape variety. The village of Wolxheim has been famous for the quality of its Riesling since Napoleon III

It comes in three cuvees each with its own well-defined style:
The Riesling Reserve is dry. The land, a limestone hillside, with full southern exposure in the municipality of Avolsheim, produces a very open wine, even in its youth. It presents some acidity, but it is mature, not excessive. A good start if you want to explore our Riesling wines.

The Wolxheim (village appellation) has more character and complexity. This wine comes from a combination of two soil types: one, calcareous marl, near the Grand Cru; and the other, limestone, near Rocher du Horn. This marriage of terroirs brings consistently dry wine, with body, length, and nice minerality.

The Grand Cru Altenberg produces strong wines with ageing potential (10 years and more) and substantial acidity. The latter frequently gets good reviews in different guides. For example, the Hachette Guide gave us two stars for three consecutive years; it was selected as favourite in 2010.

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