Cépage : Sylvaner

Grape Variety : Sylvaner

The clay loam soils of what is called Bitschfeld in Bergbieten are heavy and difficult to cultivate. An excellent Sylvaner is grown on this nearly 30-year-old vine.

This grape variety has been all but forgotten in these past decades because it often produced diluted wines with excessive yields; it now deserves to take its place again among the great wines.

This cuvee offers a fresh and fruity bouquet with a slight mineral note. It is a dry and frank wine on the palate, seductive in its liveliness and its aromatic persistence. 

Food and wine pairing: Kir, seafood, starters, salads, cold meats, fish

Alcoholic content : 12 %
Ageing : At least 3 years
Serve : 10°c.